Fertile Hatching Eggs

All eggs sold are guaranteed fertile. However I cannot guarantee hatch rates as I cannot control the enviroment they are hatched in. All of my stock comes from great show bloodlines. I sell eggs by the half dozen and by the dozen. Half dozens are sold 6+1 for a total of 7 eggs. Dozens are 12+3 for a total of 15 eggs. My egg orders are backed up ATM and may take 7-10 days to fill the order.

Black Copper Marans

I have 2 lines of these. Bev Davis and Cottage Hill. These are extremely limited, If serious about these it is best to place a deposit. They are $30 half dozen or $50 for a dozen.

Half Dozen Deposit

Dozen Deposit

Rhode Island Red

Arguably one of the best backyard chickens available, this particular line will produce 280+ eggs a year. They are a great dual purpose bird. Half dozen $3. Dozen $5

Day Old Chicks

Black Copper Marans                                                           $10 each    Minimum 10

Cuckoo Marans                                                                    $2 each     Minimum 10

Rhode Island Red                                                                 $2 each     Minimum 10


We have just bred our Boxer. If all goes well we should have puppies at the end of January that will be ready for their new homes by Easter. For more information visit my Boxer website. http://gemcityboxers.webs.com