I build cages of all sizes up to 30" deep. The most common cages I build are 10' sections with (4) 30"x30" holes. I build the cages as ordered so they are built to your specific needs. My standard cages are 18" tall. I don't require a deposit on my standard cages, however, if you need specific custom built cages I have to have a non-refundable deposit before I start building the cage. I just recieved a new shipment of wire and my new cages are now built out of all 14GA wire. The bottoms are now GAW. The sides are GBW and will have factory 4" babysaver around them. Due to the higher quality wire that I am now using I had to increase the prices of my cages. The extra quality is well worth the money in my opinion.


24"x24"                                                                            $30                                           10+ $27.50

30"x30"                                                                            $35                                           10+ $32.50

30"x36"                                                                            $40                                           10+ $37.50

10' section with (4) 30"x30" holes                                       $140                                          3+ $130

9' section with (3) 30"x36" holes                                         $120                                          3+ $110

Custom Cage Deposit