Greene's Rabbitry is a small, family operated farm located in East Tennessee about an 45 minutes north of Knoxville on I-75. I am in Knoxville a lot so most of the time I will deliver to north Knoxville. We specialize in producing outstanding New Zealand White, New Zealand Red, and Californian rabbit breeding stock. Our goal is to raise rabbits that reach market size from 8 to 10 weeks of age. We raise both commerical and pedigreed New Zealand Whites with some of the best bloodlines money can buy and will be interducing pedigreed New Zealand Reds to our rabbitry soon. We also raise Black Copper Marans, Rhode Island Red, and Golden Buff chickens, Katahdin sheep, Dexter Cattle, and Boxers. Check our "For Sale Page" for a list of items we have available.

My rabbits are heavily selected for strong maternal traits such as large litters, well developed nesting ability, good milking ability based on litter weights, and to always meet or exceed their breed standard.

I try to keep a limited number of breeding does and bucks from my best stock available at all times. However at the moment the demand is higher than the supply and it would be best to contact us to reserve your rabbits in advance.

We only sell healthy, well maintained, top quality animals. I also build and sell all wire cages. Check the "cages" page for more information.

There are several reasons to raise your own meat rabbits.  First and foremost, growing your own healthy meat in your backyard is without a doubt the number one reason why people start raising their own rabbits. What could be more sustainable than that? You breed your rabbits, let them raise their young for a few weeks, cull the young fryer-sized rabbits and start over. You and your kids can get attached to the breeders, there is very little maintenance compared to other small livestock and you rarely have to get your hands dirty when litters arrive.

You’ll not only have a nearly endless supply of meat for yourself, but you’ll also have lots of internal organs and such for your pets enjoy. I know I’m personally not a huge fan of things like liver or loins (although some would consider it a delicacy), but my dog loves them. Don’t want to feed it to them raw? Make some liver treats…your dog will never leave your side again!

Now once you’ve successfully started providing for your own family, you can also start helping other families put food on the table, either by selling/bartering rabbits to butcher or kits for breeding. Depending on how many you sell, you should be able to cover your own costs and possibly even turn a profit. And trust me, people are getting more and more interested in raising meat rabbits every day…especially with all the outbreaks of disease that keep erupting in the US food chain.

You can also use the rabbit fur to make things with. Make hats, vests, jackets and other clothing out of them…or sell/barter the pelts to others so they can do something useful with them. 

I have now started a project and am keeping records of everything done in the rabbitry. Records include amount of does, bucks, kits kindled, kits weaned, kits sold, kits butchered, amount of feed that is fed, cost of feed, and all sales. I am going to put all of this information in a spreadsheet after one year and see exactly if rabbits are profitable or not.